Malilangwe Trust

The Malilangwe Trust is a unique Zimbabwean organisation focused on wildlife conservation and sustainable development programmes with surrounding communities.

The 52 000 hectare piece of land is home to many endangered species that have been nurtured and allowed to roam free.

As part of its "Benefits Beyond Boundaries" initiative, the trust feeds 27 000 pre-school children daily from 510 feeding points around the district.

Over 40 000 people's lives are impacted on a daily basis by the support of Malilangwe.

In many respects, Malilangwe is Zimbabwe's flagship conservancy property and community partnership model.

HKLM was commissioned to create a high-impact brochure, which served to communicate the magnitude and importance of the initiative to the Zimbabwean Government. The brochure needed to be highly legible, with the “story” told quickly through the use of large facts and arresting visuals.

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