Kumba Iron Ore (The Game of Kolomela)

Kolomela Mine is one of Kumba Iron Ore’s mines and as with all mines – Safety, Health and Environment is of vital importance.

Sishen Mine strives to maintain a fatality-free safety shift record (amongst other safety record statistics) and it is with this critical deliverable in mind that the Fatigue Centre on the mine is a place where all staff can retreat to, particularly in the event of feeling fatigued.

The Fatigue Centre is geared with a number of activities –like Fussball and ping pong to name a few.

HKLM was commissioned to design and develop two board games, which can be played by the staff at the Fatigue Centre during their breaks. The games have been designed in such a way that they serve as educational tools as well.

The Game of Kolomela

The third game of the series is The Game of Kolomela. Safety Health Environment Production People (SHEPP). Placed in the fatigue centre for all employees to use during their break, the game is a fun interactive way to teach employees on topics such as: safety, wellness and other ways to counter fatigue. As with the previous two games, the game teaches the same important principles, while employees are learning while having fun during their breaks.  


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