Information Design

HKLM Graphic distils a company’s values, essence and position into a single idea that unites strategies and insights to produce a unique personality and distinctive face for the brand. This process requires graphic design that effectively translates the abstract into a readily understood visual language. HKLM Graphic develops corporate identity, packaging and literature to create truly compelling brands.

  • University of Mpumalanga Brand Development

  • Dubai British Education

  • Kumba Iron Ore (The Game of Kolomela)

  • Kumba Iron Ore Board Games

Environmental Design

HKLM Environmental Design creates and delivers branded corporate and retail spaces. Our architects, interior designers and technologists are recognised experts in the design and delivery of corporate offices, stores, exhibitions, products and signage systems and they form an integral part of HKLM's 360° branding ability.

  • King Pie Retail Branding

  • Anglo American at the 20th annual Investing in African Mining Indaba 2014

  • Mcel

  • Mercantile Bank

  • MoneyGram

Brand Strategy, Research
& Insight

HKLM Strategy uses investigative tools for the gathering of information, which informs the brand. We then analyse the information to understand the strengths, opportunities, positioning and presence of brands, providing a solid foundation for all ensuing creative work.

HKLM Research scientifically researches, analyses and interprets the information central to the development of strategies for brands. The analysis and interpretation of the raw data provides the basis for a coherent brand communication plan – the platform for the creative process.

  • University of Mpumalanga Brand Development

  • Singita Brand Positioning

  • Dubai British Education

  • Pioneer Foods Brand Refresh

  • Hollard Brand Refresh

Digital Design

HKLM Digital harnesses the communication powers of digital media to excite, entertain, engage and direct the modern audience. HKLM Digital transforms an idea, to allow both clients and consumers to immerse themselves in sights and sounds. We deliver across platforms, using a range of media like motion graphics, interactive media, presentations, animation, 3D renderings, movies, mobile and web sites.

  • Glo App Development

  • Anglo American Mining Indaba Projection Table

  • Sol Plaatje University

  • Standard Bank Global Leadership Centre

  • Zoniro - Brand Identity

Stakeholder Communication & IR

HKLM Exchange weaves the idea of a brand – the essence of what it means to its stakeholders and investors – through the communication of the company’s achievements and commitments. Annual reports, interim results, financial advertising, presentations, digital applications and employee reports are the frameworks within which key communications of companies for financial and regulatory purposes are expressed. Company strategy and direction are reinforced through strong design and by defining the values of the brand.

  • Transnet Integrated Reporting Suite 2013

  • Royal Bafokeng Platinum Integrated Report 2013

  • Royal Bafokeng Platinum Annual Report 2012

  • Merafe Annual 2013

  • Exxaro Integrated Report 2013

  • Exxaro Integrated Report and Group Financial Statements 2012

  • Cotlands Annual Report 2013

  • BankservAfrica Open for Access 2013

Advertising, Public Relations & Events

HKLM Connect firmly establishes brands in the marketplace through above and below-the-line advertising, public relations and brand activation. Launches and special events create promotional opportunities, the stories that lie behind the brand highlight values and enhance corporate reputations. HKLM Connect strives for the highest creative qualities in advertising, to present the desirability in the most attractive, compelling and relevant ways.

  • Datatec Brand Awareness Campaign

  • Adams & Adams Communication Campaign

  • Sol Plaatje University

  • Stanbic Bank Relations Campaign

  • Datatec

  • Danny K - Accross The Line

Internal Brand Engagement

HKLM Ignite offers specialist skills in internal branding, combining creativity with organisational development and change management to assist clients in engaging their workforce. HKLM Ignite ensures that the customer experience reinforces the message of the brand by enhancing its reputation. We develop internal branding initiatives to promote a culture and mind-set fully aligned with the brand promise.

  • Kumba Iron Ore (The Game of Kolomela)

  • Kumba Iron Ore Board Games

  • Hitachi Kenkijin Campaign

Digital Brand Management

HKLM Online offers a secure, online corporate identity (CI) resource tool for clients that not only assists with managing CI material, but also builds internal brand awareness and improves understanding of the organisation’s brand values.

The suite of Online tools is based on proprietary software developed by HKLM. The software allows HKLM clients to publish large and comprehensive CI manuals online that include brand information, brand guidelines, all artwork and promotional visuals in every format.

  • Glo App Development